With pale skin some colours tend to make you look washed out. Try using one vividly-coloured piece (pinks are particularly on trend this year) in an otherwise simple outfit for best results. Medium Skin: Go for a subtle, sheer tan, like Tulle. Pale Skin.. African-Americans and Indians have a brown complexion. Beauty. Adapted from the classic school of color analysis for painters, color theory for clothing and makeup matches a person's dominant facial characteristics -- typically hair, eye and skin color -- with basic color palettes. Darker colours like grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue will all work well as these shades contrast with your skin tone. Light pastel shades are a good example of this – washed-out hues will sap any colour from your skin and make you appear duller than you really are. But did you know the tone of your skin and the colour of your clothing can act in much the same way? Some bright colours are also best left alone. Choosing lipsticks to suit pale skin can be very daunting. You may make others envious with your natural, year-round glow but there are still certain colours that you’ll want to swerve if you’re to stay looking your best. It’s been said before but it’s worth repeating: avoiding colours that are too similar to your natural skin tone is the golden rule of getting your match right. Give colours that closely resemble your skin tone a wide berth. The Best Clothing Colors For Pale Skin If you have cool skin tones, the colors that will best enhance your beauty are those that reflect the ocean. Knowing what colours suit your skin tone can really give you an edge that will help improve your wardrobe. Bright, flashy or fluo colors will make your skin look a little red, and this probably not what you want. On the warm side, you can turn to ruby, bright rosy red, or super-pale yellows. In fact, it’s one of those rare “colours” where even if it is close to your skin tone, wearing an all-black outfit can still look great. Harsh colors are not flattering for light skin tones. The yellow tones are not going to look right for your skin … But there are still a few considerations to be made. You can count yourself as spring if you are warm and clear. Courtney is a stunning example of a light cool. They are pale, light, olive and dark. But cool aquas and mint greens and even a navy also look stunning on you. No matter what undertone you have, shades like mint greens, baby pinks, pastel greys and peaches tend to suit your skin tone. Latinos, people of mixed race and Asians generally have an olive or medium skin tone. Any light cool blonde will neutralize pink skin so it’s an ideal hair color for pale skin and blue eyes. Explore. Aside from using browns sparingly (you don’t want to appear ashy or naked) and being wary of keeping things balanced, it’s basically anything goes. Take care not to wear anything that matches too closely with your skin’s hue. Cool blonde hair colors to suit pale skin. Medium and olive skin tones look good in earth-toned clothing. One final thing to know about what hair colours suit pale skin is that light is your best bet. And manipulating colours in certain ways can even make others perceive you as being more assertive, powerful, friendly or loyal. The most flattering colors for light cools are less saturated or pastel, cool-toned colors such as heather gray, light blue, and lavender. The first step in your quest for complementary clothing colours is to identify what type of skin tone you have. You may likely have light/strawberry blonde or auburn hair with light blue or green eyes. A light cool is likely to be fair-skinned without freckles and tans easily in the sun. But don't worry – there are lots of fabulous lipsticks for fair skin! Play around with layering these types of colours, using a monochrome base layer to keep things anchored. If you’re prone to freckles, get burnt to a crisp at the mere mention of a sunny day and don’t ever really tan at all then it’s likely you have pale or fair skin. Save Money: The Best January Fashion Sales, Winter Topper: The Best Beanie Brands For Every Budget, Built To Last: The Most Stylish Workwear Brands For Men, Cash For Kicks: The Ultimate Sneaker Reselling Guide, Sure Footed: These Are The World’s Greatest Bootmakers, Brando-Esque: 5 Modern Ways To Wear A Leather Jacket, Style Bargains: The Best January Fashion Sales, 6 Winter Jacket Styles Every Stylish Man Should Own, Seasonal Stompers: 8 Of The Best Winter Boots Ever Made. Bright colours work nicely too. While not all colours will suit your light skin tone, there are some that will work wonders with paler skin. Look for light peach, dusty pinks, soft rose, peony pink, placid blue, jade green, and cameo green. If you have a warm skin tone, you will more than likely suit warm colours, like reds or oranges, and look fabulous in gold jewellery. There are so several shades on the marketplace that it is simple to locate just one that suits your character. Have you ever tried on an outfit or garment only to find that for some reason it didn’t look right? Also stay clear of gold and oranges. Vivid blues, reds and golden yellows will complement your skin tone. If you want to achieve the most natural look, choose a hair color with very little exposure to the sun and the most natural highlights. Give colours that closely resemble your skin tone a wide berth. Think scarlet red, fuchsia pink, royal blue, emerald green and deep purple. Black, turquoise, bright green, dark brown and navy blue are not flattering colors for those with dark skin. Skin that is light-ish in colour yet tans relatively easily without burning falls into this camp. You want to be aiming to bring out your natural glow and these sorts of subdued hues will do nothing but drain it by offering too little contrast. So put that yellow T-shirt back on the rail and back away slowly. For a pop of color look for navy blue or baby blue, lavender, lemon and light pink. Earthy tones such as greens, browns and khakis can work very nicely for you when offset by the pop of a white T-shirt and some raw indigo denim. Bright colours can work well, however try to be sparing with them and offset them in your look with neutral shades. Balance the outfit with whites, blacks or any solid colour that works well with the pastel you’re wearing. Your skin is extremely light and you may be freckled and/or have rosy cheeks. We suggest that bright blue, royal blue and deep purples in the cool color family will look amazing on you! Look for clothes that bring out dark hair and eyes and cause a contrast of color. High contrast people have dark hair with pale skin and freckles or darker skin and no freckles. If you have pale skin and dark hair, you can pull this off, but those with red or blonde should typically avoid going with a stark black. It’s fine to throw a shirt or T-shirt into the mix, but avoid going out head to toe. Caramel Skin with Brown or Black Hair. Nail Colors For Pale Skin. Speaking of which, black, white and greys will complement your complexion no matter how you use them so it’s smart to keep a rotation of staples in these shades in your wardrobe for tying looks together or even building entirely monochrome outfits. Remember blue clothing brings out blue eyes and green clothing brings out green eyes. Light skin tones look good in pastels and some strong colors such as dark blue. As mentioned above, shades of brown can be worn, but are best used sparingly. Oct 12, 2016 - what to wear if you have pale skin, what colours suit pale skin, what shades… More. You want to be aiming to bring out your natural glow and these sorts of subdued hues will do nothing but drain it by offering too little contrast. You're best suited for neutral colors that fall in the middle of the color spectrum. Caramel-skinned beauty, you have a built-in glow that you can play up or down with the right suit. Latinos, people of mixed race and Asians generally have an olive or medium skin tone. Steer clear of bright purple, red, orange, yellow or bright whites. Naturally, this will seem like a bit of a no-brainer at first, but it could be trickier to work out if you’re somewhere in between. 6 Colourful hair ideas to consider if you have pale skin Black, while extremely dark, is a solid option so don’t feel like you should avoid it. Light, medium or olive and brown are the three main skin tones. From pale, light shades right through to bold, vibrant ones – your skin is perfectly suited to complement a rainbow of potential hues and combinations. How to Select Clothing Colors for a Redhead, How to Tell if You Need Yellow- or Pink-Toned Foundation. For example, if you’re prone to a red face, electing to wear anything vivid will only make matters worse. It can make you look anemic. Your nail polish colour speaks reams about you as a particular person. For example, You can experiment with a rich pastel tee so long as you layer it beneath, say, a navy bomber jacket or a forest green overshirt. Gray If you're not sure, one way of helping you work it out is to think of the clothes that suit you. Fair Skin: Look for a super-sheer pink, like Muse. Your chosen hairstyle and God-given face shape can work in unison to make or break your overall look. What Color Clothes Should a Brunette Wear? If that sounds like you, here’s what you need to know when stocking your wardrobe. Blonde hair and light eyes go hand-in-hand with fair skin, and, according to color theory, look best with other pale and subdued colors like pastel pinks, light blues, brown, beige, pale greens and purples, with a few jewel-toned bl… Flattering colors include black, nude, beige, khaki, navy, dark reds and pink. Deep oranges, for example, will bring out the golden character of your skin tone, as will a warmer purple or teal. Bright blues, emeralds, and deep purples will look great, along with frosty shades of lavender, ice blue, or pink. We can even wear red! Here you will find our proposals especially for your skin type! The aim is to create contrast… just not too much of it. Back in the '80s, a huge movement existed that used seasons to determine just that. Again, this means pastels (unless you’re sporting a bit of a tan), nude shades and anything else too bland or pale. For all you lucky olive-skinned individuals, this is the way to ride. An outerwear and sneaker fanatic, his finger is firmly on the pulse for the latest trends, while always maintaining an interest in classic style. While some colors can look great on one skin tone, they can make another skin tone look ruddy or washed out. Lightening the hair often leads to awkward reddish tones, which does not suit the Winter skin tone. Olive Skin: Try a pink-tinged beige, like Nostalgia. To emphasise your natural hair colour you could enhance it by giving it a bluish-black gloss. If you're wondering what colour you should dye your hair, we can help. The power of colour should never be underestimated. His work has been published in Esquire, Men’s Health, ShortList, The Independent and more. There aren’t really any specific colours you should steer clear of, just colours you should avoid wearing on their own.