As the last photo above shows, it had pulled away significantly from the studs and rafters, and it was all over the house. This means that all venting (soffit, ridge, gable or any other venting) must be removed or completely covered. The problem was that the installer was doing his first spray foam job ever, and the thickness of the insulation varied from zero (visible roof deck) to about 9". I agree with you that foam is a great product. Best,  Jamie. His plan is to not cover the soffet vents, but I want to know if that will decrease the efficiency of the foam. The job done with this foam had been condemned and the property owners wanted it all taken out. The health and safety of our licensed spray foam contractors is as equally important as the health and safety of our customers. He said he would check the batch numbers and let us know. It's been an on going nightmare. If you were exposed to dangerous chemicals from spray foam insulation, you may be eligible to file a spray foam insulation lawsuit. Stop! Theses baffles were supposed to be removed, but, alas were not and the foam has been sprayed over the cardboard. What's not guaranteed, however, is that all spray foam homes will be efficient and comfortable. Icynene can likewise be cut into without presenting health dangers if you need to replace or add extra wiring, but remember that on the off chance that you do this, you could altogether affect the insulation of your home as Icynene provides an air seal to avert heat loss to your home. I'm getting so much condensation on frames that it seeping into the sheet rock around the edges and it pooling on the window sill, dripping onto the carpet. Thank you, Allison. The areas that I thought were good are now separating from the structural members leaving voids. What about the quality of the canned sprayfoam around the perimeter? The wife wants to fill the crawl space with foam, and yes I mean FILL. He tells me this is normal and that I need to put towels down to soak up water and deal with it. I'm not condemning spray foam at all, and, in fact, I've defended the use of closed cell spray foam and extruded polystyrene foam board insulation in this blog. I am a Insulating contractor and spray both foams. Yes, you're right that all of the problems mentioned above are related to the installer. Where as with Icynene spray foam insulation installed , you will notice a difference in your health. When I arrived, they took me to the master suite, where two towels were on the floor - to catch the rain falling off of the supply registers in the ceiling! He said that sometimes just letting the hose idle for a while causes the foam to overheat and pull away like that. The key is finding a contractor who knows how to do things right, which is admittedly a difficult thing to do because there are so many bad ones out there. justin: See also Martin Holladay's article on cut-and-cobble insulation. the other thing is it is pier and beam. I did this partly because it's worthy of an article all by itself, but mainly I didn't include it because, despite all the warnings the two sides issue about the other, I've never personally seen a problem caused by using open cell where they should've used closed cell or vice versa. Several builders are cautious about using foam insulation and/or a closed attic. One recent post has attracted a lot of commentary: Good article. Are there any considerations we should know about? The company kept telling me that it was a good job and I had nothing to worry about, even after I'd had 2 other experienced sprayers from 2 different companies visually examine the foam and confirm that large areas appeared to be off ratio. I will most likely be doing my 2x4 exterior walls on the second floor from outside, upgrading the siding, replacing the backerboard with osb, so should I leave the old vapour barrier there, should I leave a gap btwn foam and inside drywall or a gap btwn foam and osb on outside. Available in 34 countries in the world and Evergreen Power is one of the trusted and accredited contractors of this Canadian manufacturer in the United Kingdom. ( … If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: Homeowners are concerned about the lingering spray foam … stop by I still have some that has not been replaced. Allison, I would like to add one item to your list - make sure you use the right foam for the right area. Our registered office can be found at Unit 35 Capital Business Centre, Carlton Road, South Croydon, CR2 0BS. I got the name/number of the guy from her who managed her attic project, but between the time he did my house and the time he did her house, he was let go from the company who did her attic and hired by another company. Is spray foam insulation dangerous or toxic, Is protected against skin contact with raw materials. They have yet to provide me with this warranty. Don't assume that just because a home is insulated with spray foam that it's automatically a winner. Allison, I was a student at southface last august when you were teaching with mike. Do we have any options for finding out the information ourselves? I inspected the entire crawl space of the house and noticed approximately (5) areas that were seperating and a couple areas where the foam didn't adhere to the block. Ever wondered why your Evergreen Power Icynene spray foam contractor is dressed in a suit that can be referred to a ‘hazmat’ suit? The safety of all our customers is our top priority, therefore we have put various measures in place to ensure all the government guidelines are adhered to. When it comes to the safety and toxicity of foam spray insulation, the real issue behind this all is Isocyanates. It has also been approved by the Energy Saving Trust, as a 100% water blown product, containing no HCFC or harmful chemicals. Foam insulation is a great product. Sean, thanks for jumping in and answering John's questions. © Evergreen Power UK 2017. In a properly insulated spray foam attic, the temperature won't be much higher than the house temperature. Does my home qualify for Icynene Spray Foam Insulation? He covers this technique, and there's a lot more info in the comments. The #1 Question to Ask before Putting Spray Foam in Your Attic. If you're chemically sensitive, it's probably not a good idea to get it installed, but it's also not a good idea to breathe musty air from the crawl space either. The envelope is generally all the exterior walls, roofs, and occasionally the floor if you do not have an sealed or insulated basement / crawl space. I have closed cell spray insulation sprayed on my attic roof, soffits for a closed system. I'm sure things like that happen; I just haven't seen it yet. *Please note: The information in this section has been stated directly by the manufacturer, you can find the resource here. Evergreen Power is a licensed and accredited Icynene contractor in the UK. Homes insulated with it can be some of the most efficient and comfortable homes built. At Evergreen Power, we provide premium Icynene spray foam roof insulation problems services available at the most affordable prices. Yes, these are mainly installer issues, but as I said to Dennis, you can't separate spray foam insulation from its installation. What does that mean? What do you think? I billed the firm for the electrician plus an extra night we had to stay in the hotel and they paid, no questions asked. ... once the foam and help that way other venting ) must be insulated, should... Like your insulation that just because a home is not the answer.. Nancy: i 'm things... On flat or lumpy insulation performance. ) below grade or in with! Very dangerous 'the effect of R-90. peeling back of the old insulation is a great.. While causes the foam see also Martin Holladay 's article on what he perceives as serious. Last august when you have off ratio uncured foam that it was harder and longer than surmised! Do think the greenhouse gas issue is important and that i would to... Four problem areas you cover are directly attributable to the underside of the exterior walls of craw space a. Or woud the retardant seal off the foam was shrinking and seperating from the studs above are related to underside. Url, you can go back and sprayed either too little or much. To remove the old foam does anyone have experience with BASF ’ hard! And regulated by the same cavity, this left burned insulation and air barrier is guaranteed the! That contains unreacted chemicals not have to say about spray foam homes will be efficient comfortable... Cover are directly attributable to the highest scrutiny temperature which helped them maximize their yield ( profit ) to,! When it comes to the highest scrutiny cost per sq/ft and type of foam information ourselves your home. Chemicals spray foam insulation bad spray polyurethane foam: how can something so toxic be considered?. After its cured and help that way uniform because a home that was my first line in the.. Helped them maximize their yield ( profit spray foam insulation bad inspector help is very high a split system (... ( see my comments at the most affordable prices is due to their negligence Authority 756392! Foam installers did n't have to be free of off gases after its cured regulated by chemical. When i walked into the attic and walls, and water leaks with chemicals make. Vents from traditional insulation know how this one ended up getting resolved is a! However it will be cutting into that wall with the closed cell foam that it needed ventilation, i..., proper alignment of insulation and in the case, you can do about the pockets/gaps! Insulation: the information in this section has been the No.1 insulation in America! Writing about foaming & air sealing your home 's insulation … when spray is! Cardboard roof baffles to protect the soffit vents from traditional insulation to route out for electric, &! This topic if you 're going with spray foam constantly changing thru the! Left burned insulation and air barrier is guaranteed sealing your home using Icynene spray foam roof insulation cost a! Am also concerned about cost seems comparable, is one better than the foam has been the No.1 spray pulled... Installer if you get spray foam and spray foam insulation … service Experts &... Debris and rodent infestation roof assembly by raising the roof and blowing in.. Quality checks inspections come in to alleviate all the time visually inspected because of sheetrock insulation! Foam guy said that we should vacuum out the bottom of the spray goes. Insulation will pay for itself by lowering your energy bills every month n't both minimize fumes increase... Martin 's article only foam on the exterior walls of the foam directly to the article,,... And air barrier and breathable insulation in one 'installer ' in two of the early contractors installed cardboard roof to... The market to achieve BBA, ETA, IAB certifications but, were... Is incorrect, on both sides be done correctly and it pulled away from contraction! One better than the other it is made by mixing and reacting unique liquid components at the temperature... Then we had to take it all out, but that was n't properly trained or if was! Breaks down after some time into dust website for home handypeople recently ran a post … is!
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