Lay the quilt top on the floor, right side facing up. Once you have decided what kind of quilt batting you would like in your quilt, it is time to sew it onto your quilted sheet. You can use quilt batting if you'd like, but you'll need to make your squares smaller (7" in this case), so the quilt batting doesn't show up in the seam allowances. How to Sew a Blanket or Quilt with Two Sheets and Some Batting Now you need to lay out the backing fabric and place your top onto the middle of it so that you have at least 1,5 – 2" all around the top. Begin your quilt by sewing each individual row of pieces together. Stitches for the finished quilt should be no more than around an 1/8 inch long, in order to ensure the best appearance for your quilt. submitted to our " Community Forums". In today’s class we learn how to add the batting to a quilt, how to make the backing for a quilt and how to do the final binding for a quilt, to finish off our first quilt project. View in gallery Begin by aligning the long edges (selvedge, if there’s selvedge on your 11” strips) of your Fabric A with one of your Fabric C strips. You may freely link Use cotton thread instead of polyester, as there's less chance of cotton tearing or cutting the fabric at the seams. The strap that secures the back brace around the front attaches via velcro.... We have a vintage Kenmore 1560 sewing machine. After sewing together your backing fabric, lay it down on a flat surface (right … It’s your choice. (#18) When you finish, just hand sew the ends of the cotton threads back into the quilt. The bottom layer of the quilt … I lay my quilt top onto the middle of my batting and smooth it out from the center to get all bubbles and wrinkles out. Press from the wrong side of the fabric with an iron on medium setting. You will need to buy Batting and a fabric for your mini-quilt at a quilt shop. Another reason to visit our online fabric stores and buy fabrics). Step 3 - Pin the Material. Put your batting down on the quilt, and trim away any quilt batting that is not needed. Usually the backing fabric would have been first and then the batting and then the quilt top (quilt sandwich), BUT I wanted to make this really easy for beginners, so I don’t have my back fabric in the mix just yet. This method involves sewing around the perimeter, turning the quilt right-sides-out, and sewing small stitch-points throughout the quilt to keep the batting in place. Or,… continue your journey with Quilting patterns, tutorials and ideas  featured here at (beyond Janeen’s quilting course). I have a thinner denser batting. Quilt batting is the middle layer, or filling of a quilt. suggestions. I used batting in the first 3 and this last one I was thinking about no batting. I'm assuming that you'll be using your walking foot because you'll be sewing through three layers. With her sister, she holds power tool classes to empower women who are scared or have never used them. And with so many step-by-step photos, this is arguably the best tutorial on FineCraftGuild. Now it’s time for the edges or the "binding". Pick out hand-quilting thread to match the batting color. Check it out here: This gorgeous owl quilt pattern is both included in one of Janeen’s books as well as being available for individual sale. Sew a few stitches to keep the quilt batting in place, and remove the pins. The batting was a thin cotton pieced together from a bunch of smaller scraps. You can trim your back down to this size, but don’t cut it to the same size as the quilt top. I always have a new, free or promotional pattern. Starting on one of the long sides of the quilt around the middle, pin the raw edge of the bias tape to the … Don’t cut your quilt top borders any smaller – just the batting. A thick winter quilt may use ½" or ¾" or thicker batting. Batting: it comes in all sizes and thicknesses. As I approach a pin, I stop and first remove it so that I don’t damage my needle or machine by sewing over it. Most cotton batting is of the low-loft variety, but while it may be very thin, cotton quilt batting can be very heavy. For areas where there is a long cold season, quilts must always have batting … I safety pinned the thunder out of the 3 layers to make sure it was ready for quilting, and trimmed the batting and edges so it all lined up nicely. (#2). Piece sewn around all edges. Finishing A Quilt Part 2- Adding Batting and Backing - YouTube To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. It all begins with getting a pattern. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be As an adult, she has owned two houses. I am working on a tshirt quilt project for my niece. (See below for workshops 1-7 in this series of free beginners quilting workshops). Dawn Hammon has thrived in freelance writing and editor roles for nearly a decade. (Yaay! Attach the binding to the quilt front on the bottom side starting about 4 inches in from one corner. This is also known as ‘basting’ our quilt. I’m following this site on stitching the top quilt onto the batting without the backing. Baby quilts are generally ¼" thick batting, but there is no special rule about any of this Use a walking foot. Not quite homesteaders, she did grow up with a farm, tractors, motorcycles, expansive gardens, hay fields, barns, and lots of repairs to do. Don’t let the "quilting police" tell you this is all wrong! I didn't know what I was getting into - I am sure that she didn't either. She does it all with a passion. You can quilt it the two layers of pieced top and back if you choose, but there is no loft to the quilt without the batting. Don’t you just love this quilt design? As an alternative, you can sew an "overall" quilt pattern which sews over the design of the quilt, and makes its own pattern. Also then do I do the binding? Lay the pieced top on the batting, centering it too so that you have the 2” overlap of the batting showing all around. What Is Quilt Batting? In the 29 years we've been in our house, I've probably had 6-8 bats get in.... Not sure how active this forum is! Now that the top and batting are ‘joined’ I cut the batting to mirror the edge of my quilt top. Do this for the whole top. When sewing stop a ¼″ from the corner leaving the needle in the down position, pivot and sew down the other side. …. Most people start in the middle and work outwards, smoothing as they pin. May 8, 2014 By Rose Fine Crafts 2 Comments. But the natural environment also has its way of providing material for this in the form of wool, silk, bamboo, and even poly-cotton blend. Let us talk about quilt batting and discover the different varieties that can aid sewers to come up with quality material. This will make adding the piping easier . Bindings can also be hand sewn, but I don’t have that kind of patience, I just sew neatly in a straight line onto the edge of my binding. Needle punch batting is mechanically felted together by punching them with lots of … Join our free online quilting workshops, which you can take at your leisure, any time you want. Now you are done and have made your own mini-quilt. When the quilt is sewn together, you can remove the original stitches that pinned the quilt batting together to the quilt. Tapping into her enthusiasm for saving money and devotion to sustainable practices, Dawn has recently launched a passion project aimed at connecting eco-friendly products and socially-responsible companies with consumers interested in making conscientious purchases, better informing themselves about products on the market, and taking a stand in favor of helping to save the planet. Can I do that? then using fusible batting tape to join the top third and bottom third? From seasonal clothing to home decor ideas, you will find it all here at Fine Craft Guild. View our Privacy Policy here. When sewing, hold fabric taut (but not stretched) in front of and behind the needle to prevent puckered seams. Crafty also has other quilting, sewing and other craft workshops, which I encourage you to check out, by clicking either the banner below, or the link above. I would use poly batting to get that high-loft look, but I would make a quilt sandwich using muslin and the bottom piece of the comforter as Irene described. BTW. (#10). (#3 & #4), Using my hands on both sides of the dark stripe, I slowly went all around the edge. It is this material that provides the warmth and fluffiness to the quilt, and there are a couple of different varieties, including low-loft batts (which is flatter) and high-loft quilt batting, which is fluffier. Usually binding is a separate bias cut or folded piece of fabric, but we are going to make our back fabric into our binding. (#8). The owl and all Janeen’s other patterns are for sale here at Craftsy. I worked with him often, building decks, painting houses, framing in buildings, etc. (#6), There was no need to push and pull on the quilt. (#15), It makes a neat mitered corner that you can sew down as you go around the edge of the top. Put the backing material on top of the quilt batting. Measure your top before you go so that you know how much to get. If you follow the instructions exactly, it will work out perfectly. The layers will be joined together in preparation for quilting. My mom said it is really warm too! I make a fold inwards from the edge. This is workshop #8 in a series of workshops where art quilt designer Janeen van Niekerk shows us how to make a simple quilt. Her multiple interests have led her to frequently undergo home improvement projects. Well I have 3 completed and I am finishing up #4 - whew!! A dinner table or a handiwork table is ideal, but if these are not available, the floor is a good alternative (remember to cover the floor with paper to prevent dirt and also to avoid pinning your quilt to the carpet). “Now that our quilt top is done, we need to make a "quilt sandwich" with batting and a backing fabric. Leave the batting out completely. We won’t be doing any "Free Motion Quilting" onto our quilt top – these are quilted patterns made with your machine using a special foot. The first one she personally ripped out a galley kitchen and opened it up to the living area, plus updated every door, floor covering, and piece of trim in the place. Once finished, allow quilt to cool, and repeat on other side. What is the difference between bleached ... What is the difference between bleached and unbleached quilt batting. As I moved towards the center of the top, I rolled up the edge so that it would fit into the ‘throat’ of my sewing machine, and then turned it around and worked from the other side when it became a little too cramped. Today’s workshop #8 about how to finish a quilt, is really three free quilting classes in one: Get ready for a ton of illustrations! You can pin baste it using safety pins, or baste it with needle and thread. We just need it to be really flat, not stretched out. Lay the batting on top, followed by the quilt back. In her current home, she's tackled everything from installing real hardwood flooring to revamping the landscape. Quilt artist Janeen van Niekerk is an avid quilter. Fussy cutting ~ How to Make a Quilt: Free Quilting Beginners Class, How to finish a quilt: add backing, batting and how to bind a quilt, How to Make a Modern Lap Quilt, the next steps, How to finish a Quilt :: Modern Lap Quilt, How to Wear a Triangle Shawl – 5 Ways to Wrap Your Knitwear, How to Knit Smooth Edges – Selvage Edge Stitch Knitting Tutorial, Easy Afghan Blanket Crochet Patterns – gorgeous free lattice design, DIY Santa Advent Calendar Knitting Project, Halloween Garden Chicken Wire Ghost: Awesome Sculpture Tutorial, Easy Light Switch Upgrade DIY that’s Simple and Elegant, How to Make an Embellished Recycled Sweater Blanket, House Slippers Knitting Pattern with Pompoms. Janeen van Niekerk (spelled by some as Janine van Niekerk) is also part of the Free Block of the Month -club, offering a free paper piecing quilt block pattern, each month. The batting and quilt back fabric needs to be at least 2" (5cm) bigger all round. When she is not providing stellar online content for local, national, and international businesses or trolling the internet for organic cotton clothing, you might find her backpacking nearby hills and valleys, traveling to remote parts of the globe, or expanding her vocabulary in a competitive game of Scrabble. Related video: Strip Piecing Quilt Techniques. Pin all of these layers together, beginning with a line of pins down the center of the quilt, and then add more lines parallel to the first; these rows of pins should be around 18 inches apart. Sew the strips of T-shirt together with the right sides facing each other and then press the finished quilt front. Free Quilting Patterns & Tutorials & Classes in this quilting course by Janeen van Niekerk: Our latest news of quilt making instructor Janeen van Niekerk is that she has just launched a brand new paper piecing magazine. All really beautiful!! Once the quilt is ironed, gather together everything that you will need to sew the quilt batting, and leave yourself an hour or more to sew. Place the batting on top, and the front of the quilt wrong side down on top of the batting. Quilting the ‘sandwich’ together helps to hold the fabrics together, so that when you wash your quilt, the fabrics won’t move or bunch up. Good luck and let us know / see how it worked out. The workshops are filled with quilting tips for beginners. Lay Out Backing Fabric. :: Filed Under: FREE TUTORIALS, Quilting, Sewing Patterns Tagged With: Fall, quilts. How you plan to … Use the wool setting on your iron, press from the center out pressing each area 3-4 seconds. Ask the shop assistants to explain the differences in batting so that you can decide if you would like to have a thicker or thinner mini quilt. (#14), Then I fold my binding in half again as I done with the sides, then fold it back over the top and pin it in place. I would like to quilt my giant king in horizontal straight rows but don't feel it will be easily done on my 9" harp machine. Cut bias strips of fabric 3 inches wide and sew the strips together to a length of at least 190 inches to make the binding. Now we are going to do a little "straight line" quilting onto our top – with just the batting underneath. It can be done by hand or machine. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. Trim the excess binding so there is a 3-inch tail. Quilt batting is the middle layer of a quilt. Step 4 - Get Ready for Sewing. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "acb6f3ce3197daa8e53abbb371213e21" );document.getElementById("daf4b2a21c").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Enjoy 1500+ easy, fun, beautiful, and eco-friendly home decor, DIY and craft projects, for you, the family and friends. Finish the Quilt. Step by Step Instructions. Lay the backing fabric on your work surface, right side down, then center the batting on top of the backing and smooth away any wrinkles. (#12) In the corners of the binding we want our quilt to look really good, so follow the photos and you should be able to do this without any headaches. She enjoys sharing the hard-earned knowledge that comes with it with the audience of In particular, she’s an accomplished paper piecing designer. I thought about cutting the batting into thirds across the width of the batting and sandwiching/basting that middle section first. This method of putting a quilt together is also known as 'birthing a quilt' or 'envelope' or 'pillowcase' style. (#16)(#17). She was raised in a tool-oriented, hands-on, DIY family. Place the two straight, uncut edges together to give you a straight even seam. If your backing fabric is too small to go across as one piece, you can always cut two pieces of fabric and join them down the middle. She has lived, worked, and attended school in Oregon for many years. You'll line this raw edge up with the edge of your quilt. Type in the words, “quilt batting” into the search box on Amazon, and you will be astonished at how many options exist. If you want to sew it diagonally instead, you’ll have to ensure that the tension is perfect / all layers is perfectly aligned, so that none of the layers will ‘pull’. A cotton and polyester quilt batting can provide the thickness of a good batt with the lightness of a polyester quilt batting. This is a quick way for a beginner to add the binding to the quilt and does not look awful. A nice comfortable couch throw can be made with ⅛" batting. Sew along the seam lines between the different pieces of fabric in your quilt. I would also under size the batting by about 3/4" all the way around the perimeter of this quilt sandwich. Plus she and her family preserved foods, raised cattle and pigs, chopped and hauled firewood, and performed regular maintenance on two households, outbuildings, fencing, etc. Your email address will not be published. Same as before, pin down with pins or with safety pins smoothing down as you go. Website operating All rights reserved. Copyright © 2021 FineCraftGuild – owned & operated by Aryta Ltd. You decide how thick you want the blanket to be. I would pre-wash the muslin at least twice. Start stitching the layers together using small stitches. Step 1 - Prepare. What would you do to make sure it doesn't happen aga... Once you have decided what kind of quilt batting you would like in your quilt, it is time to sew it onto your, Start stitching the layers together using small stitches. Step 5 - Sew the Quilt. (#19,20,21). Janeen offers her quilts designs & paper piecing patterns for individual sale Out of Janeen’s 230+ quilt patterns for sale, these are my top 5 Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns, Animals and Flowers. Dawn and her sister make up a power-tool loving duo that teaches classes to local women with the goal of empowering them to tackle their fears and become comfortable with power tools. The thicker the batting materials, the warmer your quilt feels. Please hang out with me awhile and check it out! If it’s going to be draped across a piece of furniture then it helps the quilt drape and look beautiful. If you choose to join by hand (my recommendation) you will need a large needle and a neutral coloured machine cotton. Dawn holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, which these days she mostly uses to provide therapy for her kids and spouse. Leave opening to pull layers through. Place the two squares with the pattern facing each other. (#9), I decided to only sew a few straight lines running from the top to the bottom along the block seams (this is also called ‘stitch in the ditch’) onto my ‘quilt sandwich’.
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