Bij zware gevallen kan bewusteloosheid en dood volgen. The researchers concluded, "our study results suggest that endosulfan exposure in male children may delay sexual maturity and interfere with sex hormone synthesis. Bij de eigenschappen van endosulfan wordt melding gemaakt van een α- en een β-isomeer. She was a part of the delegation with Bhavnagar MP, Rajendra Singh Rana, which submitted a memorandum to the district collector's office to withdraw the NIOH report calling for ban of endosulfan. Handelsnamen zijn onder andere: Akodan 35 EC, Benzoepin, Endofan 35 EC, Endosol, Hildan, Thiodan, Thionex en Thiosulfan. China Insecticide Endosulfan 35%Ec, 50%Ec (115-29-7), Find details about China Endosulfan 35%Ec, Endosulfan 50%Ec from Insecticide Endosulfan 35%Ec, 50%Ec (115-29-7) - Nanjing Essence Fine-Chemical Co., Ltd. Beta - endosulfan appears as brown crystals. The committee constituted for the study also included former Deputy Director of NIOH, Ahmadabad. day) for adults and children, respectively. 13 May 2011. product that are covered by the Worker Protection Standard. The highlight of this report is the farmer exposure study based on analysis of their blood reports for residues of endosulfan and the absence of any residues. [57] The pesticide has also been detected in dust from the Sahara Desert collected in the Caribbean after being blown across the Atlantic Ocean. Sign In. International Programme on Chemical Safety, World Health Organization. Het breekt slechts langzaam af en kan zich opstapelen in de voedselketen, waarbij de concentratie zo hoog kan worden dat er vergiftigingsverschijnselen optreden. [11] Of the total volume manufactured in India, three companies — Excel Crop Care, Hindustan Insecticides Ltd, and Coromandal Fertilizers — produce 4,500 tonnes annually for domestic use and another 4,000 tonnes for export. [102], Brazil decreed total ban of the substance from July 31, 2013, being forbidden imports of the product from July 31, 2011, date in which national production and utilization begins to be phased out gradually. In a 2016 study[55] by the Department of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore published in Carcinogenesis, endosulfan was found to induce reactive oxygen species (ROS) in a concentration and time-dependent manner leading to double-stranded breaks in the DNA and also found to favour subsequent erroneous DNA repair. The chemical is semivolatile and persistent to degradation processes in the environment. Endosulfan is een insecticide en acaricide, dat vooral gebruikt wordt om landbouwgewassen te besproeien om ze tegen insecten en mijten te beschermen. Endosulfan sulfate is more toxic and persistent than Endosulfan. Endosulfan sulfate is a product of oxidation containing one extra O atom attached to the S atom. De stof werkt in op ionenkanalen waar GABA als moderator optreedt en is een antagonist en remmer van het Ca2+- en Mg2+-transport. In the meantime, a reduced quantity can be imported and sold. The Pollution Control Board of the Government of Kerala, prohibited the use of endosulfan in the state of Kerala on 10 November 2010. NOTE TO PHYSICIAN: Endosulfan is a central nervous system stimulant absorbable by mouth, inhalation or through contact with skin. Because of its threats to human health and the environment, a global ban on the manufacture and use o… [47] It is not known whether endosulfan is a human teratogen (an agent that causes birth defects), though it has significant teratogenic effects in laboratory rats. [74][75] EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0615-0041.1", "Endosulfan Updated Risk Assessments, Notice of Availability, and Solicitation of Usage Information", "Petitions to Revoke All Tolerances Established for Endosulfan; Notice of Availability", "MANA And EPA Agree To Voluntary Plan On Endosulfan", "MANA, EPA Agree To Voluntary Plan On Endosulfan", "Registration of endosulfan cancelled in Australia", "Regulator finally acts to ban endosulfan", "Australia refuses to join ban on pesticide", Taiwan Academics slam end of pesticide ban for U.S. fruit, "Agrotóxico endosulfan será banido no Brasil em 2013; demora é criticada", CDC - NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards, 2009 Environmental Justice Foundation report detailing impacts of Endosulfan, highlighting why it should be banned globally, Resources on Endosulfan, India Environment Portal. Overall, this will lead to its elimination from the global markets. [1] Toelatingen voor gewasbeschermingsmiddelen die endosulfan bevatten moesten uiterlijk op 1 juni 2006 ingetrokken worden. Researchers studying children from many villages in Kasargod District, Kerala, India, have linked endosulfan exposure to delays in sexual maturity among boys. Waarschijnlijk is hier sprake van een endo- en een exo-isomeer. : 15821 PEST CONTROL PRODUCT ACT READ THE LABEL BEFORE USING Aventis CropScience Canada Co. 295 Henderson Drive Regina, SK. Join Free For Buyer. Endosulfan: Request for Additional Information on Usage and Availability of Alternatives, PETITION TO BAN ENDOSULFAN AND REVOKE ALL TOLERANCES AND COMMENTS ON THE ENDOSULFAN UPDATED RISK ASSESSMENT (OPP-2002-0262-0067) BY THE NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL, "Open letter to Stephen Johnson, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: ban endosulfan", "Group sues to ban DDT-related pesticide", POPRC-4 — Summary and Analysis, 20 October 2008, "Endosulfan and other chemicals being assessed for listing under the Stockholm Convention", "UN chemical body recommends elimination of the toxic pesticide endosulfan", "Australia finally bans endosulfan. [14], Theo Colborn, an expert on endocrine disruption, lists endosulfan as a known endocrine disruptor,[44] and both the EPA and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry consider endosulfan to be a potential endocrine disruptor. De introductie van de zwavelbrug vindt plaats via reactie met thionylchloride, waarbij endosulfan ontstaat. I'm in complete agreement with what the workers have to say on this. A 2001 study by CSE had linked the aerial spraying of the pesticide with the growing health disorders in Kasaragode. The apex court said the ban would remain effective for eight weeks during which an expert committee headed by DG, ICMR, will give an interim report to the court about the harmful effect of the widely used pesticide. [7], An official statement by Makhteshim Agan of North America (MANA) states, "From a scientific standpoint, MANA continues to disagree fundamentally with EPA's conclusions regarding endosulfan and believes that key uses are still eligible for re-registration." Endosulfan products are not registered for home garden use. [87] Endosulfan is classified as a "Severe Marine Pollutant" by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.[20]. offers 18 endosulfan products. : 27306-78-1 Place of Origin: Anhui, China (Mainland) State: Powder Purity: 95% Application: Insecticide Brand Name: Biocrop Color: White Formulation: 95%TC Endosulfan became a highly controversial agrichemical due to its acute toxicity, potential for bioaccumulation, and role as an endocrine disruptor. The statement adds, "However, given the fact that the endosulfan market is quite small and the cost of developing and submitting additional data high, we have decided to voluntarily negotiate an agreement with EPA that provides growers with an adequate time frame to find alternatives for the damaging insect pests currently controlled by endosulfan." [91][92][93], In 2007, the EPA announced it was rereviewing the safety of endosulfan. [14] The US exported more than 140,000 lb of endosulfan from 2001 to 2003, mostly to Latin America,[89] but production and export has since stopped. The committee noted that the WHO, FAO, IARC and US EPA have indicated that endosulfan is not carcinogenic, not teratogenic, not mutagenic and not genotoxic. [54] Evidence of carcinogenicity in animals is mixed.[18]. De stof is ook zeer giftig voor waterorganismen, het tast onder andere de lever en de hersenen van vissen aan. This page was last edited on 3 January 2021, at 22:35. In his statement Mr. Rana said "The NIOH report is flawed. No epidemiological studies link exposure to endosulfan specifically to cancer in humans, but in vitro assays have shown that endosulfan can promote proliferation of human breast cancer cells. China Endosulfan, Find details about China Insecticide from Endosulfan - Zibo Nab Agrochemicals Limited. [103], 6,7,8,9,10,10-Hexachloro-1,5,5a,6,9,9a-hexahydro- 6,9-methano-2,4,3-benzodioxathiepine-3-oxide, Benzoepin, Endocel, Parrysulfan, Phaser, Thiodan, Thionex, InChI=1S/C9H6Cl6O3S/c10-5-6(11)8(13)4-2-18-19(16)17-1-3(4)7(5,12)9(8,14)15/h3-4H,1-2H2/t3-,4-,7-,8+,19+/m0/s1, InChI=1/C9H6Cl6O3S/c10-5-6(11)8(13)4-2-18-19(16)17-1-3(4)7(5,12)9(8,14)15/h3-4H,1-2H2, InChI=1/C9H6Cl6O3S/c10-5-6(11)8(13)4-2-18-19(16)17-1-3(4)7(5,12)9(8,14)15/h3-4H,1-2H2/t3-,4-,7-,8+,19+/m0/s1, Cl[C@@]3(Cl)[C@]1(Cl)C(/Cl)=C(/Cl)[C@@]3(Cl)[C@H]2[C@@H2]OS(=O)O[C@@H2][C@H]12, Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their, History of commercialization and regulation, PMRA: Re-evaluation Note REV2011-01, Discontinuation of Endosulfan. De grootte van de ringen laat deze structuur ook toe. Search, rescue, and salvage efforts were suspended when the endosulfan shipment was discovered, and blood samples from divers at the scene were sent to Malaysia for analysis. Most of these parks are far from areas where endosulfan is used. Colborn T, Dumanoski D, Meyers JP, Our Stolen Future : How We Are Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence and Survival, 1997, Plume. [61], Although classified as a yellow label (highly toxic) pesticide by the Central Insecticides Board, India is one of the largest producers[62] and the largest consumer of endosulfan in the world. Crops with the highest use in 2006 – 2008 included apple, cotton, cucurbit (cucumber, pumpkin, summer squash, winter squash), pear, potato, and tomato. it can travel long distances from where it is used. Join Free For Buyer. Al sinds 1956 wordt endosulfan als werkzame stof in veel pesticidenproduc- ten gebruikt. [48] A 2009 assessment concluded the endocrine disruption in rats occurs only at endosulfan doses that cause neurotoxicity. Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 8 jun 2018 om 21:12. [71], Rajendra Singh Rana has written a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh demanding the withdrawal of the National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH) study on Endosulfan titled "Report Of The Investigation Of Unusual Illness" allegedly produced by the Endosulfan exposure in Padre village of Kasargod district in north Kerala. Endosulfan is een insecticide en acaricide, dat vooral gebruikt wordt om landbouwgewassen te besproeien om ze tegen insecten en mijten te beschermen. Endosulfan has been used globally as a pesticide since the 1950s to control a variety of insects including whiteflies, aphids, leafhoppers, Colorado potato beetles, and cabbage worms. Birth defects of the male reproductive system, including cryptorchidism, were also more prevalent in the study group. Yeddyurappa and members of the Cabinet for approving the ban. Deze fysiologische inwerkingen maken endosulfan tot een zenuwgif. The toxicity of endosulfan and health issues due to its bioaccumulation came under media attention when health issues precipitated in the Kasargod District (of Kerala) were publicised. Its effect remains for a short span of time and does not harm the predators of the beneficial insects. "[60] In May 2011, the Stockholm Convention committee approved the recommendation for elimination of production and use of endosulfan and its isomers worldwide. [86] The Department of Health of the Philippines has temporarily banned the consumption of fish caught in the area. Endosulfan is an off-patent organochlorine insecticide and acaricide that is being phased out globally. The government will now invoke the provisions of the Insecticides Act, 1968 (a Central act) and write a letter to the Union Government about the ban. Endosulfan has been used in agriculture around the world to control insect pests including whiteflies, aphids, leafhoppers, Colorado potato beetles and cabbage worms. Technisch endosulfan is een mengsel van twee stereo-isomeren, alfa- en bèta-endosulfan. [56] Endosulfan has been found in remote locations such as the Arctic Ocean, as well as in the Antarctic atmosphere. Allround-insecticide met veel bijwerkingen. [63][64] This inspired protests, and the pesticide was banned in Kerala as early as 2001, following a report by the National Institute of Occupational Health. De synthese van endosulfan gaat uit van hexachloorcyclopentadieen en but-2-een-1,4-diol. It is recommended for inclusion in the, 2008: In February, environmental, consumer, and farm labor groups including the. Afbraakproducten van endosulfan zijn onder meer endosulfandiol en endosulfansulfaat, dat even giftig is als endosulfan. Ook ATPases werden geremd. 27306-78-1 Formulations 35%EC ,95%TC Specifications CAS No. Endosulfan was banned in New Zealand by the Environmental Risk Management Authority effective January 2009[33] after a concerted campaign by environmental groups and the Green Party. [46] Environmentally relevant doses of endosulfan equal to the EPA's safe dose of 0.006 mg/kg/day have been found to affect gene expression in female rats similarly to the effects of estrogen. [83] But the court did not consider this request. India will phase out all endosulfan use by 2017. In Nederland was het gebruik van endosulfan reeds eerder verboden. [49], Some studies have documented that endosulfan can also affect human development. Briefing presspersons after the State Cabinet meeting, Minister for Higher Education V.S. The EPA also concluded, "[e]ndosulfan has relatively high potential to bioaccumulate in fish. [76] On February 18, 2011, the Karnataka government followed suit and suspended the use of endosulfan for a period of 60 days in the state. Endosulfan is a ubiquitous environmental contaminant. [69][70], The Karnataka government also banned the use of endosulfan with immediate effect. In fact, I have already made representation to the Prime Minister and concerned Union Ministers of health and environment demanding immediate withdrawal of the report," as reported by The Economic Times and Outlook India [72][73], Mrs. Vibhavari Dave, local leader and Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, voiced her concerns on the impact of ban of endosulfan on families and workers of Bhavnagar. [5], US apples with endosulfan are now allowed to be exported to Taiwan, although the ROC government denied any US pressure on it. Endosulfan has no residential uses. Het maakt voor de reactie niet uit welke van de twee isomeren van but-2-een-1,4-diol gebruikt wordt. MedKoo Biosciences, Inc. [7] It has been used extensively on cotton, potatoes, tomatoes, and apples according to the EPA. Product Directory Later, on a petition filed in the Supreme Court of India, the production, storage, sale and use of the pesticide was temporarily banned on 13 May 2011, and later permanently by the end of 2011. [88] The EPA estimates that 626 thousand kg of endosulfan were used annually from 1987 to 1997. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the insect population if these insecticides are … Endosulfan was the only pesticide applied to cashew plantations in the villages for 20 years, and had contaminated the village environment. The researchers compared the villagers to a control group of boys from a demographically similar village that lacked a history of endosulfan pollution. There are five product registrations for endosulfan, all of which are emulsifiable concentrates. The EPA concluded, "[b]ased on environmental fate laboratory studies, terrestrial field dissipation studies, available models, monitoring studies, and published literature, it can be concluded that endosulfan is a very persistent chemical which may stay in the environment for lengthy periods of time, particularly in acid media." "[50] Increased incidences of cryptorchidism have been observed in other studies of endosulfan exposed populations. Levels of endosulfan residues on food in the U.S. Interim report on endosulfan submitted by expert committee to the Supreme Court of India, Aug 4, 2011, Weeping wombs of Kasaragod Tehelka Magazine, Vol 8, Issue 18, Dated 07 May 2011, Octamethylene-bis(5-dimethylcarbamoxyisoquinolinium bromide), Adrenosterone (11-ketoandrostenedione, 11-oxoandrostenedione), DHEA (androstenolone, prasterone; 5-DHEA), 7α-Methyl-19-norandrostenedione (MENT dione, trestione), 11β-Methyl-19-nortestosterone dodecylcarbonate, Normethandrone (methylestrenolone, normethisterone), Oxabolone cipionate (oxabolone cypionate), Methylclostebol (chloromethyltestosterone), Andarine (acetamidoxolutamide, androxolutamide, GTx-007, S-4), Enobosarm (ostarine, MK-2866, GTx-024, S-22), 3-Methyl-19-methyleneandrosta-3,5-dien-17β-ol, 10β,17β-Dihydroxyestra-1,4-dien-3-one (DHED), 16β,17α-Epiestriol (16β-hydroxy-17α-estradiol), 17α-Epiestriol (16α-hydroxy-17α-estradiol), Epiestriol (16β-epiestriol, 16β-hydroxy-17β-estradiol), Fosfestrol (diethylstilbestrol diphosphate), Furostilbestrol (diethylstilbestrol difuroate), Triphenylmethylethylene (triphenylpropene),, Persistent organic pollutants under the Stockholm Convention, Articles with dead external links from October 2010, Articles with dead external links from September 2010, Articles with dead external links from June 2016, Articles with dead external links from September 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Chemical articles with multiple compound IDs, Multiple chemicals in an infobox that need indexing, Pages using collapsible list with both background and text-align in titlestyle, Articles containing unverified chemical infoboxes, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 70 to 100 °C (158 to 212 °F; 343 to 373 K), 2000: Home and garden use in the United States was terminated by agreement with the, 2007: International steps were taken to restrict the use and trade of endosulfan. Numerous in vitro studies have documented its potential to disrupt hormones and animal studies have demonstrated its reproductive and developmental toxicity, especially among males. [78], The Government of Gujarat had initiated a study in response to the workers' rally in Bhavnagar and representations made by Sishuvihar, an NGO based in Ahmadabad. [51][52], A 2007 study by the California Department of Public Health found that women who lived near farm fields sprayed with endosulfan and the related organochloride pesticide dicofol during the first eight weeks of pregnancy are several times more likely to give birth to children with autism. [79][80], The Supreme Court passed interim order on May 13, 2011, in a Writ Petition filed by Democratic Youth Federation of India, (DYFI), a youth wing of Communist Party of India (Marxist) in the backdrop of the incidents reported in Kasargode, Kerala, and banned the production, distribution and use of endosulfan in India because the pesticide has debilitating effects on humans and the environment. [98] Australia had, in 2008, announced endosulfan would not be banned. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. [49], Endosulfan is not listed as known, probable, or possible carcinogen by the EPA, IARC, or other agencies. This corroborates the lack of residues in worker-exposure studies. [57], The compound breaks down into endosulfan sulfate, endosulfan diol, and endosulfan furan, all of which have structures similar to the parent compound and, according to the EPA, "are also of toxicological concern…The estimated half-lives for the combined toxic residues (endosulfan plus endosulfan sulfate) [range] from roughly 9 months to 6 years." In California, endosulfan contamination from the San Joaquin Valley has been implicated in the extirpation of the mountain yellow-legged frog from parts of the nearby Sierra Nevada. Any insect population may contain individuals naturally resistant to ENDOSULFAN EC and other group code 2A insecticides. Endosulfan exists as two (α and β) isomers that can be metabolized to endosulfan sulfate and endosulfan diol. Endosulfan is een zenuwgif voor insecten, maar ook voor zoogdieren, dus ook voor mensen. [82] In July 2012, the Government asked the Supreme Court to allow use of the pesticide in all states except Kerala and Karnataka, as these states are ready to use it for pest control. In the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants of 2011, when an international consensus arose for the global ban of the pesticide, India opposed this move due to pressure from the endosulfan manufacturing companies. Endosulfan lost bijna niet op in water, maar wordt geadsorbeerd aan (water)bodemdeeltjes. CIR 1238", "SUMMARY OF THE FOURTH MEETING OF THE PERSISTENT ORGANIC POLLUTANTS REVIEW COMMITTEE OF THE STOCKHOLM CONVENTION", Note to Reader. Endosulfan is widely used in most of the plantation crops in India. Menu Sign In. Er zijn gevallen beschreven waarbij een dosis van niet meer dan 35 mg/kg bij mensen de dood tot gevolg heeft. Een andere mogelijkheid is dat een van de hydroxymethylgroepen aan de zijde van de C2-brug bevindt en de ander aan de zijde van de C1-brug. [21][65] This flared up the protest,[66][67][68] and while India still maintained its stance, the global conference decided on a global ban, for which India asked a remission for 10 years. An organochlorine insecticide first registered in the 1950s, endosulfan can be used on a variety of vegetables and fruits, on cotton, and on ornamental plants. Wettable Powder Insecticide COMMERCIAL DANGER POISON READ THE LABEL BEFORE USING VERY TOXIC TO FISH GUARANTEE: Endosulfan 50% REGISTRATION NO. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)", "SC bans sale and use of toxic pesticide endosulfan. [40][45] Endosulfan has shown to affect crustacean molt cycles, which are important biological and endocrine-controlled physiological processes essential for the crustacean growth and reproduction. [94] The following year, Pesticide Action Network and NRDC petitioned the EPA to ban endosulfan,[95] and a coalition of environmental and labor groups sued the EPA seeking to overturn its 2002 decision to not ban endosulfan. For information on this pes- ticide product (including health concerns, medical emergencies or pesticide incidents), call the National Pesticide Information Center at 1-800-858-7378. Via een diels-alderreactie ontstaat het gechloreerd derivaat van norborneen. 50 WP INSECTICIDE WETTABLE POWDER COMMERCIAL VERY TOXIC TO FISH GUARANTEE: Endosulfan 50% REGISTRATION NO. Endosulfan is a broad spectrum contact insecticide and acaricide registered for use on a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, cereal grains, and cotton, as well as ornamental shrubs, trees, vines, and ornamentals for use in commercial agricultural settings. S4N 6C2 Telephone : 1-888-AVENTIS (1-888-283-6847) PRECAUTIONS: : 27306-78-1 Other Names: endosulfan MF: (C2H4O)n.C11H30O3Si3 EINECS No. [81] KM Sreekumar of the Padannakkad College of Agriculture in Kasargod and Prathapan KD of the Kerala Agricultural University in a paper claim that the extensive spread of diseases in the area cannot be solely attributed to the use of Endosulfan and criticised the CSE for inflating the level of endosulfan reported in the blood. World Services - Offering Endosulfan Insecticide, Keetnashak, कीटनाशक in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In the United States, endosulfan is only registered for agricultural use, and these uses are being phased out. Get best price and read about company. "[14] It is also toxic to amphibians; low levels have been found to kill tadpoles. Endosulfan 350g/L Ec of Insecticide Pesticide & Acaricide picture from Sino Agro-Chemical Industry Ltd. view photo of Dimethoate, Emamectin Benzoate, Fenpyroximate.Contact China Suppliers for More Products and Price. This product acts as a poison and is used for controlling sucking and chewing insects like bollworm, aphids, stem borer, thrips etc. 00 not enter or allow worker entry into treated areas during the restricted entry interval of 24 hours. United States Environmental Protection Agency,, "Endosulfan: Canada's submission of information specified in Annex E of", "Florida Crop/Pest Management Profiles: Tomatoes. Melting point 208-210°C. ENDOSULFAN EC is a group code 2A insecticide. There are currently 5 registered endosulfan products: NCRIS Product Name Registrant 32799 NUFARM ENDOSULFAN 350 EC INSECTICIDE NUFARM AUSTRALIA LIMITED 50004 THIODAN EC INSECTICIDE BAYER CROPSCIENCE PTY LTD 52163 FARMOZ ENDOSULFAN 350 EC INSECTICIDE FARMOZ PTY LIMITED 61503 KENSO AGCARE ENDO 350 EC INSECTICIDE KENSO CORPORATION (M) SDN. 2011: the Argentinian Service for Sanity and Agroalimentary Quality (SENASA) decided on August 8 that the import of endosulfan into the South American country will be banned from July 1, 2012 and its commercialization and use from July 1, 2013. (a) Schmidt WF, Hapeman CJ, Fettinger JC, Rice CP, and Bilboulian S. Robert L. Metcalf "Insect Control" in Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry" Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2002. De stof kan bij kortstondige blootstelling effecten hebben op het centrale zenuwstelsel en het bloed. 13 Oct 2010. [53] However a 2009 assessment concluded that epidemiology and rodent studies that suggest male reproductive and autism effects are open to other interpretations, and that developmental or reproductive toxicity in rats occurs only at endosulfan doses that cause neurotoxicity. The PMRA conducted a preliminary re-evaluation of endosulfan (REV2007-13) and required specific interim … (a) Grunfeld HT, Bonefeld-Jorgensen EC, Effect of, Relyea RA (2008) A cocktail of contaminants: how mixtures of pesticides at low concentrations affect aquatic communities. Leading supplier of anticancer chemical reagents and kinase inhibitors Get contact details and address| ID: 17969324297 Endosulfan, Ban on Endosulfan, Hazardous Effects of Endosulfan, Pesticide Regulatory Regime in India, ... Endosulfan is an organochlorine insecticide — a Persistent Organic Pollutant. Endosulfan is a chlorinated insecticide that is chemically similar to DDT, which was banned nearly 40 years ago. Acharya said the Cabinet discussed the harmful effects of endosulfan on the health of farmers and people living in rural areas. De symptomen van een acute vergiftiging zijn hyperactiviteit, rillen, kramp, verlies van coördinatie, ademnood, misselijkheid en braken. [77] Indian Union Minister of Agriculture Sharad Pawar has ruled out implementing a similar ban at the national level despite the fact that endosulfan has banned in 63 countries, including the European Union, Australia, and New Zealand. 8 Aug 2011 SENASA", Speaking the Truth Saves Lives in the Philippines and India, "Pesticide residues in food 2006 - Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues", "Effect of Endosulfan on Male Reproductive Development", "Persistent Pesticides in Human Breast Milk and Cryptorchidism", "Maternal Residence Near Agricultural Pesticide Applications and Autism Spectrum Disorders among Children in the California Central Valley", The pesticides endosulfan, toxaphene, and dieldrin have estrogenic effects on human estrogensensitive cells, "Induction of DNA damage and erroneous repair can explain genomic instability caused by endosulfan", Western Airborne Contaminants Assessment Project, "Briefing Note on the 5th Meeting of the POPRC", "UN targets widely-used pesticide endosulfan for phase out", "Form for submission of information specified in Annex E", "Beltangady: Endosulfan Affected Leading Hellish Life — Seek Succour", 'Rain man' of Indian journalism makes sure wells stay full, "SUMMARY OF THE FOURTH MEETING OF THE CONFERENCE OF THE PARTIES TO THE ROTTERDAM CONVENTION", "India Together: Endosulfan victims: Kerala owns up - 12 September 2006", "MP govt backs VS ban demand - Indian Express", "Rana Wants Withdrawal of NIOH Study on Endosulfan", "Rajendra Singh Rana, MP, Bhavnagar calls for withdrawal of NIOH report on Endosulfan", "Local MLA speaks in support of Bhavnagar Endosulfan Workers", "Workers demand withdrawal of study on Endosulfan", Notification Endosulphan, accessed Nov 19th, 2010, "India will not ban Endosulfan pesticide, says Sharad Pawar", "REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE TO EVALUATE THE SAFETY ASPECTS OF ENDOSULFAN Department", "REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE TO EVALUATE THE SAFETY ASPECTS OF ENDOSULFAN", "A critique of the epidemiological studies on health in allegedly endosulfan", "Allow use of endosulfan except in Kerala and Karnataka", "India to Phase Out Use of Endosulfan by 2017: Government", "Divers' blood samples sent to Singapore for analysis", "DoH bans eating of fish from Romblon waters", Benefits of Endosulfan in Agricultural Production: Analysis of Usage Information, "Letter to EPA re: Petitions to Revoke All Tolerances Established for Endosulfan; Federal Register: August 20, 2008 (Volume 73, Number 162).
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